Iarwain (iarwain) wrote in stonemarche,

Nashua Craftnight Tonight! Nashua, 7pm

Unto the Good People of Stonemarch and surrounding environs, Especially those in and around the City of Nashua, does Brian of Stonemarche send humble greetings.

This fine evening, in just a few hours time, there will be a gathering in Nashua for our weekly Craft Night.  Come one and come all to showcase your recent (or not so recent) work, research, or questions.  We meet in South Nashua and directions may be found on our mailing list at message number 33 in the archives - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/GateCity_BOS/message/33

We, the regulars there, do humbly beseech our friends and neighbors to join us.  We are quite new to all this and more experienced folk would be much appreciated.  Some who often attend have yet to even make it to their first event, and others have not attended many at all.  Our hosts have been quite gracious and this evening they are baking bread for our gathering. 

Please come and join us for an evening of revels, light feasting, and merriment as we discuss all sorts of diverse topics and subjects.  Come to teach and come to learn.

The gathering shall be form about 7 in the evening till 10 or so.  Feel free to join the mailing list and ask if you have any questions.


Brian of Stonemarche
Written this Thursday, the 18th day of May, A.S. 41
In Manchester by the River Call'd Merrimac, Stonemarche
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