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Unofficial SCA Fencing Practice in Nashua

It's spring and that means we can mooch some outdoor practice space in
Nashua again!

On Wednesday Evenings, once again I will be willing to do an unofficial
practice in Nashua, NH. Again, it would be at the same time and place as
the local Realms of Wonder LARP fighter practice. (www.realmsnet.net)

The location is the Stellos Stadium parking lot right next to the
Commuter Parking area.

 From Rt. 3 (F. E. Everett Turnpike) take exit 5 West ( Rt. 111 to
Hollis and Pepperrell). This will put you on NH Rt. 111 West. Take a
quick Right towards the Nashua Police Station (look for the blue lights
or the signs for the police department)
on to Panther Dr. about 100 feet on to Rt. 111. (If you miss it, turn
right at the lights on to Riverside St. or make a U-turn and follow the
directions from Hollis & Pepperell.) At the Stop Sign, turn LEFT. Take
your first Right and bear left to the parking lot. It's big, open, and
flat so you should see people whacking eachother with boff weapons.

 From Rt. 111 Hollis/Pepperell: Take Rt. 111 East towards Nashua. A
few hundred yards before Rt. 3 is a traffic light. Take a Left here on
to Riverside St. The parking lot is the first thing you'll get to on
your left.

If you need more instructions, just look on your favorite mapping web
site for Panther Dr. and you'll be in the neighborhood.

I'll usually be there around 6-7pm or whenever I get out of work (as
soon as I get a new job). Practice goes till it's too dark to safely
fight or the weather gets bad or we all get bored.

If you don't see anyone you know or are put off by the fantasy stuff
going on around you, just look for me or ask for Brian.  Most people
there know me.  If you start getting suited up, I'll come over and say

-- Brian of Stonemarche
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