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Court Report from the Palio di Stonemarche, June 12, 2011

Court Report for Palio di Stonemarche
June 12th, 2011

Greetings to all and sundry! Here is the court report for the Palio di Stonemarche, held in Contoocook, NH. This report can be reposted and is for inclusion in CiG as well.


Cassandra Hobbes, Granite Pursuivante

- Baron Xavier and Baronessa Maria welcomed everyone into court, including welcoming Their Majesties, King Lucan and Queen Jana of the East, are now living in Stonemarche.

- Congratulations were given to Contrada Hippocampi, for winning the Palio di Stonemarche.

- Baron Xavier gave recognition to those who assisted him with the Palio, including Lady Dierdre (gate), Lord Tadgh (general assistance), Master Dorio (marshal), Lady Finnula (dayboard), Lady Anne of the Fuzzy Hat (A&S), Duchess Catherine (equestrian), Lady Jocelyn (pirate shoot), Lord Cynric (archery), Lord Lucian and Lord Morty (fencing), and the three captains of the Contradas: Master Harold (Hippocampi), Countess Svava (Solas), and Master Dorio (Ferrari).

- Lady Syela von Heidelberg was recognized as the Silver Tongue Champion from the Bardic Saturday night.

- Baron Xavier reminded everyone that the deadline for pre-reg for Pennsic is June 15th. (Pennsic War website)

- Baronessa Maria introduced the Officers of the Barony, since there have been some changes. She also mentioned that the following officers are empty: Chancellor Minor and Gold Key; and that curia may want to consider removing the position of Chirugeon as it is not a required position and no one has stepped forward to fill it.

- Baronessa Maria commented on the recent law about term limits announced at the Panteria curia and read an email from HRM Lucan about it, and stated that she and Baron Xavier would be attending a meeting about the law in the future.

- Baroness Ainne Callihan came into court to help Baronessa Maria recognize the 40th wedding anniversary of Lady Ina Roweena of the Mist and Merlin of the Ancient Wood. Merlin could not be there, but Baroness Ainne shared the following quote: “L'amore si trova nel tua cuore non per resarci, ma per essere condiviso.” (Love is in your heart, not to stay, but to be shared.)

- Master Harald von Auerback presented Baron Xavier and Baronessa Maria with tolls collected from Haus Aberhorn in the form of two gold florins from Italy.

- Domenico Del Medici presented a petition to form a jeweler's guild in Stonemarche to their Excellencies (scroll created by Master Harald von Auerbach) and a pearl necklace to Baronessa Maria.

- Their Excellencies presented Furisons to Lady Cairnait inghean Broin for archery and to (name redacted due to the person not being there) for (reason redacted for the same).

- There was one new person in court, who came up and introduced herself.
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