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Northern Lights 2011

 As some of you may know, just this past weekend we had the Northern Lights A&S event in Montpelier VT. I spoke to Tiberius who is the event coordinator and he's looking to bring the event back into the spring time starting sometime this spring 2011. He also asked if there was interest in the Barony of Stonemarche poten...tially hosting the event.

We have had this event previously held at the UU Church in Nashua off Canal St (the same location that Sunday's Yule Event will be held at).

This event pretty much runs itself. A dayboard would be needed and a local (to stonemarche) individual would be listed as Autocrat.

This is a great opportunity to get into autocratting if you've never tried it before. Anyone interested in potentially running this event, please contact me.

thank you,

Röd Kythe Szubielka
Seneschal for the
Barony of Stonemarche

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