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Foole's Picnic- Looking for new Autocrats

apologies for crossposting-

Greetings Good Gentles,

A long time ago we used to have an event in April called Foole's Picnic. I
...remember it being held in Kensington sometimes and each year it was a day of
funny games, challenging archery competitions, fighting, absurd proclamations,
and general insane levity. It was usually potluck and only required an outdoor
site. I'm hoping someone who hasn't run an event before would be interested in
trying this as a first attempt to get your feet wet as an autocrat.

Tentative date would probably be April 9th because Coronation for Lucan and Jana
would be the week before. Location as you can find it. This would be fashioned
as a free or low-cost event.

If your interested, please contact me.

Seneschal of Stonemarche

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