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Court Report for Harper's Retreat 2010

Court Report for Harpers Retreat
September 5, 2010

Baron Xavier and Baronessa Maria addressed the public and provided a short Pennsic recap, including the fact that Lady Alheydis, Baronessa’s Rattan Champion, entered in the Baronial Champions Tourney at Pennsic and won the tourney.

Lady Mariot de Berwic was announced and invested as the new Baronial Bard of Stonemarche, and presented with a scroll prepared by Lord Robert of Stonemarche.

Shannon de Valois won the Golden Tongue award for the best novice bard. Zenya was also presented with a recognition token from Their Excellencies for her performance in the Golden Tongue category.

Lady Emma McMinn won the Sharpened Wit competition.

Lord Osmund de Berwic announced the archery results. Ivan Sergayavich Shurbarsedy won the Harper’s Archery Tournament. Ben Levstan won the Golden Arrow. Tyler of Grimsvale was announced as the Baronial Youth Archery Champion.

Baron Harald von Auerbach and Haus Aberhorn presented their tithes to the Baron and Baronessa, as part of the highway taxes they have collected.

Ivan Sergayavich Shurbarsedy called his lady, Mylet Shurbatskya, into court to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary and to profess his love before the assemblage.

Baron Harald also wanted the record to show that at the last tax court, the Scribes Guild was made Keepers of the Monkey’s Canines (teeth), not Keepers of Canine Monkeys, as the Wheel of Titles was misinterpreted.

Their Excellencies called into court Brendan the Harper, now known as Merlin, and his lady wife, to thank them for starting Harper’s Retreat some 25 years ago.

The following announcements were made:

- Baronial Birthday will be on September 18 in New Boston at the home of Lady Julian and Lord Cynric (Baronial Birthday). It is a free event and Baronial Rattan Champions will be held there. Entrance fee is a dish to share for the Potluck Feast – please bring a LEGIBLE list of the ingredients with the dish. Any questions or business for the court there, please contact the autocrat, Lady Cassandra, at

- Backlog scrolls have been signed. Please see MacFrode and Freidrich after court to pick them up. (Addendum: Lady Cassandra will be posting a list of folks that she has scrolls for on the email list in the next few days, asking them to contact her so she can mail them out or arrange pickup. She will also be bringing scrolls to Baronial Birthday and Crown Tourney)
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