jackoutofthebox (jackoutofthebox) wrote in stonemarche,

10 Year Anniversary-Deerfield Craftnite

Lord and Ladies of Stonemarche,

April 1st, 2010 will be the 10th year anniversary of Deerfield Craftnite. 10 years ago my father rented a truck, my mother made an 8ft sub and a whole bunch of the Barony showed up to help us. We spent most of the day packing boxes into the van and moved it to Deerfield NH. The manchester craftnite had gone into hiatus and with Aisha's permission, the craftnite moved to Deerfield and has been there ever since.

We have only ever had 3 incidents (barring holidays) where Craftnite went on hiatus. 2 were the birth of my 2 children and once was an incident I can't quite remember anymore.

Anyway, If you were introduced to the Barony through our craftnite, I ask that you just respond with an email telling us who you are and letting us know how long you've been in the barony.

Come join us to celebrate tomorrow night the 10 years we have had and the hope for another 10 years atleast.


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