ian_gunn (ian_gunn) wrote in stonemarche,

Intro Post

I started a journal here a few weeks ago and it seemed high time that my Barony have a presence here. So here it is. This may end up mostly acting as a pointer to the YAHOO discussion group but no harm in that.

If you're interested in the SCA and live in or near NH or have friends there or whatever feel free to post.
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Hallo! Alexandra of Silverwood here.
Just sayin' hullo.
Hey Alexandra,

Long time no see. What'ca been up to?
Eh.. Living in the other half of a Duplex owned by Rusty..(forget his SCA name, as he doesn't go anymore.) Remarried. Still workin at Crotched. Playing too much MMORPG. Going to the occasional event.
(about 4 to 6 a year, Pennsic included.) My life is honestly pretty dull. Just the way I like it.. Heh.
Life keeps us busy. eclectic_1 and I have two little girls. That pretty much explains a lack of time. I finally gave up being seneschal late last year. We haven't gotten to many events outside of Stonemarche in a long time.
Amethysta here too!
Hallo! (waves) Old home week here. (chuckle)