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Court Report from Midsummer's Faire, Stonemarche

Here is the court report from Midsummer's Faire this weekend (June 7-8)

Part one (June 7)
Outgoing Baron's Champion - Fencing: Morty of Malegentia
Incoming Baron's Champion - Fencing: Eadaoin Inghean Eoghain

Outgoing Baronessa's Champion - Fencing: Baron Bilgysar
Incoming Baronessa's Champion - Fencing: Lady Frenya Thorsteinsdottir

Golden Foil: Lady Batijuan Nasan

Golden Arrow: Lairiona Inghen Cealleigh

Keeper of the Flame: Master Harald von Auerbach

Part two (June 8)

Outgoing Baronessa's Champion - Archery: Lord Cynric the Dabbler
Incoming Baronessa's Champion - Archery: Lord Ragnar MacHardy

Outgoing Baron's Champion - Archery: Master Harald von Auerbach
Incoming Baron's Champion - Archery: Camran MacAuley

Bowman: Conchobhar MacLughdach

Marksman: Camran MacAuley, Chris of Stonemarche, Alan of Manchester, AJ Pultz, Joris de Tolosa, Rachel of Rochester

Archer: Altani Khatagi, Leslie of Stonemarche, Jillian of Stonemarche

Silver Tongue: Lady Cassandra Hobbes


- Baronial Rattan Champions and Golden Sword will be rescheduled for later in the fall.
- Baronial Youth Archery Champions will be rescheduled for Harper's Retreat
- Stonemarche fights with Malegentia at GNEW
- Lady Anastasia of the Oaks has stepped down as Chancellor Minor. Anyone interested in becoming Chancellor Minor, please get in touch with Their Excellancies or the Seneschal.
- Morty of Malegentia is the new Northern Region Fencing Champion
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