Iarwain (iarwain) wrote in stonemarche,

Period Tent Wanted (Repost)

I'm looking for a used tent to camp in.  Specifically, I'd prefer either a French Double Bell or Square Marquis.  And it needs to be a reltively small one.  It doesn't need to be in perfect condition or even include the poles, but it would need to be usable and relatively water tight.  This will be for just me and perhaps one other person.  An awning would be a bonus but is not necessary.

If your family has outgrown your small tent, I'd love to take the old one off your hands. 

I know of plenty of good places for new tents, but I'm on a budget and I'm not sure how long it'll be before I need to upgrade to a larger tent... so better to look for a used one.

Pricing is negotiable as long as it's less than the one I'm drooling over at TentSmiths'.  I can arrainge a pickup at Midsummers (In Stonemarche) or pretty much anywhere in Stonemarch or the adjoining territories.  If you know of anyone getting rid of their tent, please feel free to pass this along.


Brian of Stonemarche
(Yes, this is a repost from a Feb. posting to HonorBlade)
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