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Fighter/Fencer Combined Practice in Nashua?


For those of you not on the Yahoo Group and might be interested, I am trying to put together a combined fighter practice (unofficial at this point) in the Nashua area.  There seems to be support for it, but I need to know who might be interested and what days/times are best.  I'm available weekdays after 6 and weekends when nothing else is going on.

As for location, I'm looking at a public place.  My first choice if we don't get told we can't is the Welcome Center off Exit 6.  It has a building to warm up in, running water, and rest room facilities as well as a lit and mostly unused parking lot.  Other choices would be Greeley or Mines Falls parks but they do close at dusk, so we'd probably be limited to weekends there.

Any thoughts?  Ideas?  Anyone think I'm having delusions of grandeur?

Yours in Service,

Brian of Stonemarche
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