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Tuesday, April 17th, 2012
5:23 pm
Looking For Baronessa Maria
I hope someone can help me here.  I am part of her family tree that I just found online. I tried writing her email address and it came back to me.  so if any one reads this and knows her, please send her to me at

moma.hedger@yahoo.com. thank you
Sunday, June 12th, 2011
9:26 pm
Court Report from the Palio di Stonemarche, June 12, 2011
Court Report for Palio di Stonemarche
June 12th, 2011

Greetings to all and sundry! Here is the court report for the Palio di Stonemarche, held in Contoocook, NH. This report can be reposted and is for inclusion in CiG as well.


Cassandra Hobbes, Granite Pursuivante

- Baron Xavier and Baronessa Maria welcomed everyone into court, including welcoming Their Majesties, King Lucan and Queen Jana of the East, are now living in Stonemarche.

- Congratulations were given to Contrada Hippocampi, for winning the Palio di Stonemarche.

- Baron Xavier gave recognition to those who assisted him with the Palio, including Lady Dierdre (gate), Lord Tadgh (general assistance), Master Dorio (marshal), Lady Finnula (dayboard), Lady Anne of the Fuzzy Hat (A&S), Duchess Catherine (equestrian), Lady Jocelyn (pirate shoot), Lord Cynric (archery), Lord Lucian and Lord Morty (fencing), and the three captains of the Contradas: Master Harold (Hippocampi), Countess Svava (Solas), and Master Dorio (Ferrari).

- Lady Syela von Heidelberg was recognized as the Silver Tongue Champion from the Bardic Saturday night.

- Baron Xavier reminded everyone that the deadline for pre-reg for Pennsic is June 15th. (Pennsic War website)

- Baronessa Maria introduced the Officers of the Barony, since there have been some changes. She also mentioned that the following officers are empty: Chancellor Minor and Gold Key; and that curia may want to consider removing the position of Chirugeon as it is not a required position and no one has stepped forward to fill it.

- Baronessa Maria commented on the recent law about term limits announced at the Panteria curia and read an email from HRM Lucan about it, and stated that she and Baron Xavier would be attending a meeting about the law in the future.

- Baroness Ainne Callihan came into court to help Baronessa Maria recognize the 40th wedding anniversary of Lady Ina Roweena of the Mist and Merlin of the Ancient Wood. Merlin could not be there, but Baroness Ainne shared the following quote: “L'amore si trova nel tua cuore non per resarci, ma per essere condiviso.” (Love is in your heart, not to stay, but to be shared.)

- Master Harald von Auerback presented Baron Xavier and Baronessa Maria with tolls collected from Haus Aberhorn in the form of two gold florins from Italy.

- Domenico Del Medici presented a petition to form a jeweler's guild in Stonemarche to their Excellencies (scroll created by Master Harald von Auerbach) and a pearl necklace to Baronessa Maria.

- Their Excellencies presented Furisons to Lady Cairnait inghean Broin for archery and to (name redacted due to the person not being there) for (reason redacted for the same).

- There was one new person in court, who came up and introduced herself.
Tuesday, December 7th, 2010
11:08 am
Northern Lights 2011
 As some of you may know, just this past weekend we had the Northern Lights A&S event in Montpelier VT. I spoke to Tiberius who is the event coordinator and he's looking to bring the event back into the spring time starting sometime this spring 2011. He also asked if there was interest in the Barony of Stonemarche poten...tially hosting the event.

We have had this event previously held at the UU Church in Nashua off Canal St (the same location that Sunday's Yule Event will be held at).

This event pretty much runs itself. A dayboard would be needed and a local (to stonemarche) individual would be listed as Autocrat.

This is a great opportunity to get into autocratting if you've never tried it before. Anyone interested in potentially running this event, please contact me.

thank you,

Röd Kythe Szubielka
Seneschal for the
Barony of Stonemarche

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010
9:19 am
Foole's Picnic- Looking for new Autocrats
apologies for crossposting-

Greetings Good Gentles,

A long time ago we used to have an event in April called Foole's Picnic. I
...remember it being held in Kensington sometimes and each year it was a day of
funny games, challenging archery competitions, fighting, absurd proclamations,
and general insane levity. It was usually potluck and only required an outdoor
site. I'm hoping someone who hasn't run an event before would be interested in
trying this as a first attempt to get your feet wet as an autocrat.

Tentative date would probably be April 9th because Coronation for Lucan and Jana
would be the week before. Location as you can find it. This would be fashioned
as a free or low-cost event.

If your interested, please contact me.

Seneschal of Stonemarche

Monday, September 6th, 2010
7:10 pm
Court Report for Harper's Retreat 2010
Court Report for Harpers Retreat
September 5, 2010

Baron Xavier and Baronessa Maria addressed the public and provided a short Pennsic recap, including the fact that Lady Alheydis, Baronessa’s Rattan Champion, entered in the Baronial Champions Tourney at Pennsic and won the tourney.

Lady Mariot de Berwic was announced and invested as the new Baronial Bard of Stonemarche, and presented with a scroll prepared by Lord Robert of Stonemarche.

Shannon de Valois won the Golden Tongue award for the best novice bard. Zenya was also presented with a recognition token from Their Excellencies for her performance in the Golden Tongue category.

Lady Emma McMinn won the Sharpened Wit competition.

Lord Osmund de Berwic announced the archery results. Ivan Sergayavich Shurbarsedy won the Harper’s Archery Tournament. Ben Levstan won the Golden Arrow. Tyler of Grimsvale was announced as the Baronial Youth Archery Champion.

Baron Harald von Auerbach and Haus Aberhorn presented their tithes to the Baron and Baronessa, as part of the highway taxes they have collected.

Ivan Sergayavich Shurbarsedy called his lady, Mylet Shurbatskya, into court to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary and to profess his love before the assemblage.

Baron Harald also wanted the record to show that at the last tax court, the Scribes Guild was made Keepers of the Monkey’s Canines (teeth), not Keepers of Canine Monkeys, as the Wheel of Titles was misinterpreted.

Their Excellencies called into court Brendan the Harper, now known as Merlin, and his lady wife, to thank them for starting Harper’s Retreat some 25 years ago.

The following announcements were made:

- Baronial Birthday will be on September 18 in New Boston at the home of Lady Julian and Lord Cynric (Baronial Birthday). It is a free event and Baronial Rattan Champions will be held there. Entrance fee is a dish to share for the Potluck Feast – please bring a LEGIBLE list of the ingredients with the dish. Any questions or business for the court there, please contact the autocrat, Lady Cassandra, at captain_hobbes@yahoo.com

- Backlog scrolls have been signed. Please see MacFrode and Freidrich after court to pick them up. (Addendum: Lady Cassandra will be posting a list of folks that she has scrolls for on the email list in the next few days, asking them to contact her so she can mail them out or arrange pickup. She will also be bringing scrolls to Baronial Birthday and Crown Tourney)
Wednesday, March 31st, 2010
12:48 pm
10 Year Anniversary-Deerfield Craftnite

Lord and Ladies of Stonemarche,

April 1st, 2010 will be the 10th year anniversary of Deerfield Craftnite. 10 years ago my father rented a truck, my mother made an 8ft sub and a whole bunch of the Barony showed up to help us. We spent most of the day packing boxes into the van and moved it to Deerfield NH. The manchester craftnite had gone into hiatus and with Aisha's permission, the craftnite moved to Deerfield and has been there ever since.

We have only ever had 3 incidents (barring holidays) where Craftnite went on hiatus. 2 were the birth of my 2 children and once was an incident I can't quite remember anymore.

Anyway, If you were introduced to the Barony through our craftnite, I ask that you just respond with an email telling us who you are and letting us know how long you've been in the barony.

Come join us to celebrate tomorrow night the 10 years we have had and the hope for another 10 years atleast.


Tuesday, October 20th, 2009
2:32 pm
Unofficial Court Report - Baronial Birthday
Unofficial Court Report
Baronial Birthday
Barony of Stonemarche
October 17, 2009

1.) The new Baron's Champion of Rattan is Bertram de Valois. The new Baronessa's Champion of Rattan is Lady Alheydis von Riga.

2.) Lady Anne Gryffyth and Lothar Zorn presented a gift of two AS 50 Challenge banners with Stonemarche's device on them to their Excellencies.

3.) Baron Bilgysar Tijer Al-Hisoon was inducted into the Order of the Furison.

4.) Lady Tessa Martini D'Agostino and Lord Richard Del Hauke were inducted into the Order of the Millstone.
Monday, August 24th, 2009
9:01 pm
Baronial Birthday official announcement!
Welcome, one and all, to the Barony of Stonemarche’s annual Baronial Birthday, held this year on October 17, 2009! Once again, our populace comes together to celebrate the founding of our Barony, and the benevolent reign of our Baron and Baronessa, Xavier and Maria. In addition, we will be hosting Their Excellencies’ Baronial Rattan Champions Tourney. A dayboard and a pig roast round out the day. Come one and all and help us celebrate!

The site is primitive, and all are encouraged to bring their pavilions to help shade the area. Merchants are welcome – please email the autocrat if you are interested in merchanting. There will be room for fencing, but no official tourney. There will be no archery.

From the North: Take your best route to 93S. Take Exit 5 (Rte. 28) towards North Londonderry. *Turn left at Rte. 28/Rockingham Road. Turn left at Auburn Road. Turn right at Old Derry Road. Continue onto Old Manchester Road. Take a slight left at Scobie Pond Road. Continue onto English Range Road.

From the South: Take your best route to 93N. Take Exit 5 (Rte. 28) towards North Londonderry. Continue on from *.

Site information:
Site opens at 10 am and closes at 11 pm.

Site fees:
Adult Members: $6.00
Youth Members: $3.00
Adult Nonmembers: $9.00
Youth Nonmembers: $6.00

Feast fees:
Adult Feast: $12.00
Youth Feast: $6.00

Deadline for feast pre-registration is October 10, 2009.

Make checks payable to: SCA Inc, Barony of Stonemarche

Reservations should be sent to:
Lady Cassandra Hobbes
mka Valerie Ford
8 Roger Ave
Concord, NH 03301

Email – captain_hobbes@yahoo.com with questions.
Sunday, June 8th, 2008
11:14 pm
Court Report from Midsummer's Faire, Stonemarche
Here is the court report from Midsummer's Faire this weekend (June 7-8)

Part one (June 7)
Outgoing Baron's Champion - Fencing: Morty of Malegentia
Incoming Baron's Champion - Fencing: Eadaoin Inghean Eoghain

Outgoing Baronessa's Champion - Fencing: Baron Bilgysar
Incoming Baronessa's Champion - Fencing: Lady Frenya Thorsteinsdottir

Golden Foil: Lady Batijuan Nasan

Golden Arrow: Lairiona Inghen Cealleigh

Keeper of the Flame: Master Harald von Auerbach

Part two (June 8)

Outgoing Baronessa's Champion - Archery: Lord Cynric the Dabbler
Incoming Baronessa's Champion - Archery: Lord Ragnar MacHardy

Outgoing Baron's Champion - Archery: Master Harald von Auerbach
Incoming Baron's Champion - Archery: Camran MacAuley

Bowman: Conchobhar MacLughdach

Marksman: Camran MacAuley, Chris of Stonemarche, Alan of Manchester, AJ Pultz, Joris de Tolosa, Rachel of Rochester

Archer: Altani Khatagi, Leslie of Stonemarche, Jillian of Stonemarche

Silver Tongue: Lady Cassandra Hobbes


- Baronial Rattan Champions and Golden Sword will be rescheduled for later in the fall.
- Baronial Youth Archery Champions will be rescheduled for Harper's Retreat
- Stonemarche fights with Malegentia at GNEW
- Lady Anastasia of the Oaks has stepped down as Chancellor Minor. Anyone interested in becoming Chancellor Minor, please get in touch with Their Excellancies or the Seneschal.
- Morty of Malegentia is the new Northern Region Fencing Champion
Tuesday, January 15th, 2008
9:27 am
Scadian Freecycle style list

Well Folks,
There seems to be enough interest to warrant a list creation so here
it is:


This list is done in the same style as Freecycle. Keeping Scadian and
Non-Scadian items that are still useable out of landfills. All items
are being offered for free. Spread the word!

Friday, October 5th, 2007
4:40 am
Wanna be in a movie? - 12th C. characters needed THIS WEEKEND
Yes, I know it is short notice... but a link to the original casting call was posted to the Malagentia and Stonemarche email lists in mid-Sept.

I got a call from one of the main people involved in this yesterday and they seem pretty short on people.  If you're interested definitely contact them.

September's casting call with contact info:

A write-up on the film from last year's filming:

They especially need people who have garb and armor and can swing a sword safely from the sound of things.

Filming is THIS Sunday, 7 October and probably next Sunday as well.
Monday, April 23rd, 2007
10:52 am
Teachers needed
Greetings, I'm Kythe, the Autocrat for Midsummer's Faire: Bachus goes for a Ride.

We are blessed with hosting both the East Kingdom Equine Championships and hosting the East Kingdom Brewer's Guilde Collegium (North).   The event will be happening June 8-10th at the Hopkington Fairegrounds.  I've been asking around for teachers however we're falling short on committed responses.  I'd like to have a full list of classes setup by 1 month before the event.  If you or someone you know would like to teach a class at Midsummers, please contact me asap.  First come gets choice of times.  We're hoping for roughly 10 classes on saturday related to brewing.  

Thank you.

Tuesday, May 30th, 2006
11:53 am
Period Tent Wanted (Repost)
I'm looking for a used tent to camp in.  Specifically, I'd prefer either a French Double Bell or Square Marquis.  And it needs to be a reltively small one.  It doesn't need to be in perfect condition or even include the poles, but it would need to be usable and relatively water tight.  This will be for just me and perhaps one other person.  An awning would be a bonus but is not necessary.

If your family has outgrown your small tent, I'd love to take the old one off your hands. 

I know of plenty of good places for new tents, but I'm on a budget and I'm not sure how long it'll be before I need to upgrade to a larger tent... so better to look for a used one.

Pricing is negotiable as long as it's less than the one I'm drooling over at TentSmiths'.  I can arrainge a pickup at Midsummers (In Stonemarche) or pretty much anywhere in Stonemarch or the adjoining territories.  If you know of anyone getting rid of their tent, please feel free to pass this along.


Brian of Stonemarche
(Yes, this is a repost from a Feb. posting to HonorBlade)
Friday, May 19th, 2006
12:09 pm
As most of you know, the Household has a Travelling Bar now. 

Already we're slated for 4 venues: 1) Panteria 2) Midsummers 3) Cynric and Julian's wedding 4) Gnew 5) More info when available Due to the fact that Brewer's are unable to solicit funds from the barony for any brewing activities, we cover the costs out of our own pockets. But this is an opportunity for new brewers to shine! The Traveling Bar would like brewers to submit their beverages for distribution to folks at these events. You of course will get full credit for creating the brew and we'd like to create a household award for Peoples Choice to be given out at the end of the event, based mostly on what folks like the most. 

So dust off those bottles sitting in your wine cellar and bring them to any of the events listed above for general consumption and enjoyment. Larger scale brewers (5 gallons or more) also have the option of receiving containers to go "on tap" with the bar. These stainless steel containers impart very little flavor, save lots of space in travel and guarantee your brew will always be perfectly carbonated and ready to go. 

In the past our previous donors have been Cynric the Dabbler, Picassic Pond Meadery, Lord Gunnviðr Ormgeirsson, myself and Kristin Spinster. Your brew could be here too. 
thanks, Kythe 
Inn of Bard's Rest 
Thursday, May 18th, 2006
3:31 pm
Nashua Craftnight Tonight! Nashua, 7pm
Unto the Good People of Stonemarch and surrounding environs, Especially those in and around the City of Nashua, does Brian of Stonemarche send humble greetings.

This fine evening, in just a few hours time, there will be a gathering in Nashua for our weekly Craft Night.  Come one and come all to showcase your recent (or not so recent) work, research, or questions.  We meet in South Nashua and directions may be found on our mailing list at message number 33 in the archives - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/GateCity_BOS/message/33

We, the regulars there, do humbly beseech our friends and neighbors to join us.  We are quite new to all this and more experienced folk would be much appreciated.  Some who often attend have yet to even make it to their first event, and others have not attended many at all.  Our hosts have been quite gracious and this evening they are baking bread for our gathering. 

Please come and join us for an evening of revels, light feasting, and merriment as we discuss all sorts of diverse topics and subjects.  Come to teach and come to learn.

The gathering shall be form about 7 in the evening till 10 or so.  Feel free to join the mailing list and ask if you have any questions.


Brian of Stonemarche
Written this Thursday, the 18th day of May, A.S. 41
In Manchester by the River Call'd Merrimac, Stonemarche
Thursday, November 17th, 2005
2:50 pm
Fighter/Fencer Combined Practice in Nashua?

For those of you not on the Yahoo Group and might be interested, I am trying to put together a combined fighter practice (unofficial at this point) in the Nashua area.  There seems to be support for it, but I need to know who might be interested and what days/times are best.  I'm available weekdays after 6 and weekends when nothing else is going on.

As for location, I'm looking at a public place.  My first choice if we don't get told we can't is the Welcome Center off Exit 6.  It has a building to warm up in, running water, and rest room facilities as well as a lit and mostly unused parking lot.  Other choices would be Greeley or Mines Falls parks but they do close at dusk, so we'd probably be limited to weekends there.

Any thoughts?  Ideas?  Anyone think I'm having delusions of grandeur?

Yours in Service,

Brian of Stonemarche

Current Mood: ambitious
Friday, September 2nd, 2005
4:46 pm
I've made a community here on LJ to publicize completed plans to assist our fellow SCAdians in times of crisis. Please take a look at sca_crisisplans

Please note, this is not intended as a forum for formulating plans, rather it is a site where all of the details of a completed plan can be posted in one place and at one time. Hopefully this will make it easier for people to decide how to participate and will reduce duplication of effort.

Posted in my personal journal, and in as many other SCA related places as I can. If it doesn't belong here, feel free to delete it. If you like the idea, pass it on to others.

Current Mood: hopeful
Tuesday, March 29th, 2005
4:20 pm
Unofficial SCA Fencing Practice in Nashua
It's spring and that means we can mooch some outdoor practice space in
Nashua again!

On Wednesday Evenings, once again I will be willing to do an unofficial
practice in Nashua, NH. Again, it would be at the same time and place as
the local Realms of Wonder LARP fighter practice. (www.realmsnet.net)

The location is the Stellos Stadium parking lot right next to the
Commuter Parking area.

 From Rt. 3 (F. E. Everett Turnpike) take exit 5 West ( Rt. 111 to
Hollis and Pepperrell). This will put you on NH Rt. 111 West. Take a
quick Right towards the Nashua Police Station (look for the blue lights
or the signs for the police department)
on to Panther Dr. about 100 feet on to Rt. 111. (If you miss it, turn
right at the lights on to Riverside St. or make a U-turn and follow the
directions from Hollis & Pepperell.) At the Stop Sign, turn LEFT. Take
your first Right and bear left to the parking lot. It's big, open, and
flat so you should see people whacking eachother with boff weapons.

 From Rt. 111 Hollis/Pepperell: Take Rt. 111 East towards Nashua. A
few hundred yards before Rt. 3 is a traffic light. Take a Left here on
to Riverside St. The parking lot is the first thing you'll get to on
your left.

If you need more instructions, just look on your favorite mapping web
site for Panther Dr. and you'll be in the neighborhood.

I'll usually be there around 6-7pm or whenever I get out of work (as
soon as I get a new job). Practice goes till it's too dark to safely
fight or the weather gets bad or we all get bored.

If you don't see anyone you know or are put off by the fantasy stuff
going on around you, just look for me or ask for Brian.  Most people
there know me.  If you start getting suited up, I'll come over and say

-- Brian of Stonemarche
Tuesday, January 4th, 2005
2:31 pm
Unofficial Fencing Practice in Nashua
For any of you who may have missed the announcements in the Stonemarche Yahoo group and the NH_Rapiers group...

Once more, I'm happy to announce unofficial fencing practice will take
place in Nashua tonight and every Tuesday evening for the forseeable future from 5pm to 8pm in the back room of Dania's Entertainment Center on Main St. (Directions under the cut)

If you don't know where that is, it's where Headlines used to be, right
across from CVS Pharmacy. (Please do not park in CVS' parking lot!)

The staff at Dania's encourages us to buy bottled water from the front
bar and to stick around for drinks or sodas after we are done fighting.
They also have pool tables if anyone wants to rent the balls.

After practice is Emergence, Nashua's first and only Goth themed club
night. It starts at 8pm right after practice and the cover is $5. See
http://www.emergenceclub.com for details.

I hope to see everyone there. Please bring any extra equipment you may
have and if you are completely new, come along any way and we'll try to
hook you up.

Experienced fencers are also needed, as we seem to have a few new-comers.... and I'm not even close to being ready to teach properly...

DirectionsCollapse )

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Saturday, July 10th, 2004
10:59 pm
Intro Post
I started a journal here a few weeks ago and it seemed high time that my Barony have a presence here. So here it is. This may end up mostly acting as a pointer to the YAHOO discussion group but no harm in that.

If you're interested in the SCA and live in or near NH or have friends there or whatever feel free to post.
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